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When did Registration Labels End?

Sticker registration labels ended on January 1st, 2013 in NSW, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Sticker registration was also abolished as of October, 2014 in Queensland. In these states when you register your vehicle the authorities will no longer provide you with a registration sticker to display.

Can I still display a reminder sticker in my car?

You are able to display a reminder sticker, But motor authorities do not provide them. This is where Rego Label Reminder can help. You can order your own reminder sticker [here].

Do I still need to register my vehicle?

Absolutely, It’s as important as ever. If you don’t know when your vehicle becomes unregistered you not only face heavy fines but you could be personally liable for an accident if it were to occur.

How will the NSW Police know if my vehicle is unregistered?

The police now use automatic number plate recognition to detect if vehicles are unregistered. They are active at all times and alert the police immediately if a vehicle is unregistered.

What are the fines for not registering a vehicle?

There are heavy penalties for using an unregistered or uninsured vehicle in NSW. A vehicle becomes unregistered when the registration is not renewed by the expiry date or when the registration is cancelled or suspended. When a vehicle is unregistered, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is usually not valid. This means that the vehicle may also be uninsured., check here for fines that might apply for road users in NSW.

How can I check if my vehicle is registered?

Use the following links to visit RTA in your state and check for registration NSW   ACT  NT  QLD  TAS  SA  VIC  WA

What If I’m driving Someone Else’s Vehicle?

If you drive someone else’s vehicle it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s properly registered. Get a reminder sticker for the car on their behalf.


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