Renewing Your Vehicle Registration

All vehicles in Australia must be registered. Is your rego about to expire? To renew your registration the process is simple, all you need to start is your renewal form.

1. A Safety Check
If your vehicle is more than five years old will you need a safety check, Your registration renewal notice should say (Inspection Required).
Book a Safety Check now through your area authorised provider, Once completed your pink slip from the safety check will immediately be send to the Roads and Maritime Services.

2. If you have completed your safety check or do not require one, You can renew online right now
You will need the billing number printed in the top left corner of your renewal form.

3. Get your CTP Insurance
A current CTP green slip is a condition of registration for your vehicle simply visit to get the best price.
If you are registered and insured? click here to Get Your Rego Reminder Label Now.

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